Meet the CFO | Episode 2

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Altheia Amplified | Episode 2: Meet the CFO

by Altheia

Thank you for checking out our new podcast, Altheia Amplified.

In this episode, we invite you to listen in and hear our CFO, Scott Taylor and Lisa Fridland, our COO, have a discussion about what it’s like to manage the financials of a startup and Altheia’s progress on Seed round funding, and our status as a MN Angel Investor Tax Credit certified business.

If listeners are interested in investing in Altheia, they can reach out to Scott by emailing For more information on Minnesota’s Angel Investor Tax credit, click here

Length: 13 minutes 51 seconds

MN Angel Tax Credit Certification

MN Angel Tax Credit Certification

We’re thrilled to announce that our company has been granted the 2023 Minnesota Angel Tax Credit certification status! This recognition is a testament to our innovative approach and the hard work of our dedicated team. 
For investments made with us in 2023, Minnesota’s Angel Tax Credit provides a 25% credit to investors or investment funds making equity investments in startup companies focused on high technology, new proprietary technology, or a new proprietary product, process, or service in specified fields.
This program has been instrumental in supporting startups and small businesses like ours, providing us the financial resources we need to drive innovation and create a lasting impact in our industry. This credit will fuel our growth, enable us to push boundaries, and continue contributing new innovations to our industry.