Altheia is a healthcare technology company, specializing in seamless data transformation, robust data analytics, and intelligent automation. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies, Altheia is introducing solutions like Acuvia to help healthcare stakeholders unlock actionable insights from their data. With a relentless commitment to innovation, Altheia is shaping the future of healthcare by revolutionizing how data is leveraged to reduce costs, prioritize the right care at the right time, and improve outcomes.

We are a minority-owned, women-led business. The leadership team has functional and leadership expertise in multiple industries demonstrates that we know how to run a business. While we’ve all held executive positions – we are working leaders. We worked our way up at companies like UnitedHealth Group, Ameriprise, John Deere and General Electric, and brought our expertise together to create Acuvia to serve the healthcare sector; from payers to providers and employers to members, our vision serves everyone. 

We are determined to succeed because we are committed, aligned to our goals, passionate about addressing some of these long-standing inequities and issues in health care. We believe we have the chance to make a real, lasting impact in the system and that is what drives us to continue investing our own resources into this product.