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At Altheia, we are passionate about using AI to improve the healthcare ecosystem, driving down costs while improving outcomes. We think about analytics a lot when it comes to health. 

The Case for Investing in Health Literacy

From the desk of Jolly Nanda, Altheia's CEO. As someone who has always been passionate about improving healthcare and providing individuals with knowledge they need to make educated decisions, I'm excited to delve into a topic that holds immense promise and potential...

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Altheia Corporate Values

From the desk of Lisa Fridland, Altheia's COO. The fusion of AI and predictive analytics has ushered in a new era of possibilities, where innovation not only improves patient outcomes but also transforms the corporate landscape. As the COO of Altheia, I am thrilled to...

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Altheia’s Mission

From the desk of Jolly Nanda, Altheia's CEO. At Altheia, we’re on a mission to improve the way clinical case managers prioritize, identify, and treat their members with chronic diseases as we introduce our product, Acuvia, to the market. It’s a simple concept but it...

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