Health Equity and Health Literacy

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Altheia Amplified | Episode 4: A Discussion about Health Equity and Health Literacy

by Altheia

Thank you for checking out our podcast, Altheia Amplified.

In this episode, we invite you to listen in and hear our CEO and Founder, Jolly Nanda and Lisa Fridland, our COO and Co-Founder, have a discussion about health equity and health literacy and how they intend for Acuvia to part of a long-term industry solution to level the playing field and improve outcomes.

As a reminder, we continue to raise funds for our seed round and investing with us does come with a 25% tax credit from the State of Minnesota for investments made in 2023. If listeners are interested in investing in Altheia, they can reach out to Scott Taylor by emailing For more information on Minnesota’s Angel Investor Tax credit, click here

Length: 9 minutes 44 seconds