Making healthcare personal goes beyond member centricity.

As a completely independent predictive analytic platform, Acuvia provides intelligent prioritization capabilities and real-time insights for Care and Disease management companies.
Our unique member-centric approach prioritizes highest risk members, providing Care and Disease management companies the tools to be more effective in their member outreach, increasing profits and improving outcomes.

Intelligent Prioritization


Intelligent prioritization paired with an expanded data set that includes the social determinants of health gives Care and Disease management companies the power to prioritize their intervention services and identify more diagnosed and even undiagnosed members to increase the efficacy of their program.


Within a member population, Acuvia looks beyond claims data to include clinical data, social determinants of health insights, and treatment adherence indicators.


In the example below, the member who is exhibiting signs of high risk and is undiagnosed or has been diagnosed but is non-adherent, would be prioritized for outreach by clinical case managers to receive support.

Acuvia supercharges risk management

Care and disease management has been an important component in the healthcare ecosystem for two decades without much evolution beyond using historical medical data and segmenting at the population level. Acuvia will help companies in this sector approach population health management in a whole new way at the individual level.


Today’s population health management solutions are retrospective, primarily using claims data to determine population health segmentation, missing up to 80% of the members who could benefit from care management.


Acuvia’s unique member consented data approach allows our model to use all available health data to actually predict patient risk, closing the gap left by traditional retrospective models.